Svea is a destination like no other. Spectacular scenery, wildlife, technological mining history and accommodation. It's an authentic mining town that finally is accessible to the public!

Svea is surrounded by magical arctic nature such as mountains, fjords, gullies and glaciers. An amazing place to find the Arctic serenity. Svea is located 45 km as the crow flies or 60 kilometers as the reindeer walk south of Longyearbyen in Van Mijenfjorden, we are surrounded by the mountains Torellfjellet and Gustavfjellet as neighbours. Svea is an excellent base for day trips and longer trips, due to its proximity to Longyearbyen.


There are many opportunities in Svea: In winter, the east coast is easily accessible from Svea with scooter, and around Svea there are great and playful mountain that invites to skiing in a spectacular scenery. In the summer Svea is a great base for hiking, kayaking and boating in general.


Svea does not only have beautiful scenery - the destination also has a very interesting industrial history. As the name suggests the mine was owned by the swedes, and founded by the swedes in 1917. In 1921 the Swedish state went in as owners and the company was renamed Svenska Stenaktiebolaget. They let down the operation in 1925 after a fire, and in 1934 the mine was purchased by Store Norske Spitsbergen Coal Company AS, with the Norwegian government as guarantor.


Svea has been the major mainstay of Store Norske Spitsbergen Coal Company, and from around the late 90`s approximately 200 people have had their daily work in Svea until this year. Due to low prices for coal, and a negative outcome in the budget, the company had to do changes and downsize the numbers of workers. The Norwegian Government decided that it will now be an operating rest in Svea for the next three years, and that the coal company have to look at other possibilities for Svea operational resting period, and the future. That means this wonderfully exciting destination will now be available to tourism businesses and tourists to Svalbard. At the moment there is 50 workers in Svea working on shifts, these are maintaining the destination and the mine. If the mine will start up again, there will still be both miners, scientists and students as well as tourists in Svea


Source Reference: Statsarkivet. (1998). Privatarkiv nr. 73. Store Norske Spitsbergen Kullkompani AS Arkivkatalog 1916 - 1988. Statsarkivet Tromsø.

We will open again February 1st 2019!

Welcome to Svea a destination with ancient history and magical nature!

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Svea is open from February 1st 2019. Welcome!

Svea is still an industrial area and that means a quick safety training is required upon arrival.

This also means that drop in visits arent permitted.

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