Svea Svalbard AS will be a facilitator for their partners. Below are activities that our partners have to destination Svea.


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We head south. Away from Longyearbyen and towards Svea in Van Mijenforden - we'll be in the kingdom of the polar bear and visit an outpost for coal mining. The adventure begins.




The snowmobile ride to Svea is a trip south of Longyearbyen. This is a fairly easy ride in manageable terrain, but the scenery is impressive. Few have visited this part of Spitsbergen before.


There is more wildlife activity in this area of Svalbard. Every year, the polar bear mom with cubs builds a den and hibernates over the dark winter. Van Mijenfjorden is a popular hunting ground for the polar bears because of the ring seal in the fjord.



There has been coal mining and human activity in the area since 1917. At most, there were 350 miners living and working in Svea. As a visitor in Svea, you will get the chance to visit the mines and get a glimpse of how it was to live and work in this remote Arctic outpost. We will also go inside one of the mines with a former miner for a two hour- guided tour and enjoy hot soup for lunch.



Book in advance

Reservations in advance are necessary as this is our most popular winter activity. You will need the required driving license for car or motorcycle to drive a snowmobile. Remember also that you have to bring this with you during the duration of the trip. Before departure there will be an introduction how to to drive the snowmobile.


Pick up and transportation

You will be picked up at your place of accommodation in Longyearbyen before the excursion begins. You will also be returned to your hotel at the end of the trip. You should be ready at the designated time as stated in your trip itinerary.


What’s included?

Included in all organised snowmobile tours are: Briefing, snowmobile, fuel, snowmobile suit, snowmobile boots, mittens, helmet, balaclava, goggles, search and rescue insurance and an experienced tour guide with snowmobiles, security equipment and a safety sled.



We recommend you to wear warm underwear, warm outer pants and a wool sweater under the snowmobile suit. We also recommend that you have extra clothes in a backpack. For example, an extra sweater, hat and gloves.



Longyearbyen hospital discourages pregnant women to attend snowmobile and dog sled rides, because it involves a risk to harm the pregnant women and the unborn child.



In the interests of the safety of participants, we reserve the right to change the route in relation to weather and snow. This will not affect the price of the tour. Participants need to follow the tour guide directions and instructions. Our tour leader takes no passengers.



Driving under the influence of alcohol is not accepted.


Driving license

You will need a valid driving license for either car or motor cycle to drive a snowmobile. Make sure to bring this along for the entire duration of the trip.


Cancellation fees

If cancelled 22 days or more prior to departure 100 % refund. If cancelled 22 - 7 days prior to departure 50 % refund. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to departure or if you do not show up, we do not refund. Please contact your insurance company for a refund if you provide a medical cancellation notice.

Svea will open again on February 1st 2018!



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