We will open again February 1st 2018.

All visits must be agreed in advance due to the fact that it is still an industrial area. Please book a tour with one of our partners or email us at

Svea is surrounded by beautiful mountain, glaciers, fjords and valleys. The majestic scenery invites you to find the pure  Arctic serenity when visiting us. Bring your skis or borrow our snow shoes to really enjoy the fresh air and quiet. 


The highest peak around Svea is Gustavfjellet, it stretches 1223 meters above sea level. There are several peaks sporty guests can conquer


Not far away from Svea you will find the east coast and the beautiful Agardhbukta; a perfect day trip on a snowmobile from Svea.


Travelling north west of Svea you will arrive in Barentsburg, a Russian mining settlement with approximately 300 inhabitants, even this is an enjoyable day trip on a snowmobile.


Svalbard's largest rivers have their outlets in the Van Mijenfjorden, all this fresh water gives the fjord low salinity. From the north comes Reindalselva flowing into Kaldbukta and from the east comes Kjellstrøm river mellowing out into Braganzavågen. All this fresh water makes the ice in the area freeze quickly giving seals a ideal long lasting winter home and polar bears a perfect hunting ground.  


Two glaciers glide into the fjord, Fridtjovbreen northwest of Akseløya and Paula Breen is easily seen from Sveas harbour on a clear day. This beautiful glacier is named after the wife of Richard Ritter von Barry, who led the ship to Henry of Bourbons expedition to Spitsbergen and Novaya Zemlya in 1891 and 1892.


Welcome to Svea, an area with wild arctic nature, mining history, trappers’ history, animal life and a lot more!


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