About us

Svea Svalbard AS is a subsidiary company of Great Norwegian Spitsbergen Coal Company (SNSK), where SNSK holds a majority share. Svea Svalbard AS was founded in October 2016, and opens up for tourist operations in Svea on the 15 February 2017. We are a destination company that operates the accommodation of 120 beds in Svea and facilitator products for the tourism industry and B2B. We have our headquarters in Longyearbyen at the office to SNSK, here you will find our management and booking staff member, in Svea will find our host / hostess who will see to it that you get a wonderful stay with us.

If you would like to become an affiliate, please write us an email:  post@sveasvalbard.no


Welcome to Svea- the destination with ancient history and magical nature!


Svea Svalbard AS

Postboks 613

9171 Longyearbyen

Org No:  917 511 357



Telefon: +47 468 534 40



Support: vert<a>sveasvalbard.no